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What your food eats, essentially grows the food that you are eating. The animal feed will directly contribute to the quality and nutrient value of the food that ends up on your plate. Likewise, whatever toxins may be present in the animal feed will essentially end up in the meat itself. 

The conventional(non-organic) chicken could contain antibiotic residues which wreak havoc on our gut health. Likely it is contaminated with herbicides and pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine from grain fields that were sprayed. Furthermore, the grain is very likely to contain GMOs and be fertilized with chemicals. The organic chicken on the other hand is not allowed to be grown with any of this conventional contaminated grain.


We believe the cleanest most nutritious meat comes from animals fed Certified Organic feed (grain and/or pasture). And at Lost Savanna, we are pleased to be bringing this to your dinner table.


Today, farms across Canada are disappearing as many farms end up too small to compete and are bought out and consolidated into industrial-scale farms that produce the majority of food you'll find in the grocery store. We believe in the moderate-sized farm that's ethical, environmentally beneficial, and one that is capable of producing a product of much higher quality than an industrial manufacturing type farm. Just as the middle income earners are the heart of the economy, we believe the moderate size farm is the heart of our food future! 


“Fair Trade” is often used for imported luxuries like chocolate and coffee but we believe the same should apply for those growing food in our own country. The reality is, most farmers live at the poverty level while working an extreme amount of hours. As farmers, we have found it difficult to avoid this as well. We try to provide our customers with the highest quality and value in food but we also need to earn a living for it to be sustainable.

As full time farmers, we have calculated our income to be minimum wage or less. A  tradesperson today is commonly charged out at $60-$100+/hr in our area and that seems to be accepted. When it comes to food though, our society often has the mindset that food should be cheap. We don't say this in hope of pity. Nobody forced us to become farmers, it was our choice. We say it because we as Canadians have some of the cheapest food in the world for per capita income. We spend on average a mere 11% of our income on food. 

If food is cheap at the till, then someone or something, somewhere else is paying for it. We all pay for it in the long run via polluted environments, health problems, higher taxes etc. Customers should consider these hidden costs before immediately jumping to the “that's too expensive” conclusion. Don't expect to be driving a Camaro if you are only paying for a Cavalier!


The grocery store and farmers markets can be a confusing place these days with so many labels (and claims) being placed on food. As consumers, we've found this incredibly frustrating since a lot of products are being misrepresented as “Natural” or “Grassfed” or “Free Range”. Unfortunately those “natural” labeled foods can contain GMOs and a lot worse. The “grassfed” meat may have never seen quality pasture in its life. And those “free range” animals may rarely see fresh ground and are just left on a single dirt patch their whole life. 


We believe in transparency. Our farm is open for viewing so our customers can actually verify we are doing what we are claiming . We have nothing to hide and take pride in raising animals in their natural environment. You can come see our feed bags and confirm we are using feed FREE from GMOs, Pesticides, Herbicides, Synthetic Fertilizers and that it is actually Certified Organic Feed. We love getting asked the tough questions and explaining why we do things. We love knowing that consumers are taking control of their food choices and are becoming highly educated on the subject.


The claims we make are also 3rd party verified by inspectors. We are Certified Organic and Demeter as we feel these are the most meaningful standards. 


Look out for farm tours in the near future!

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