There is a lot of attention these days regarding genetically modified foods, which is great, but we must not let it distract us from the bigger issue which is the chemical/synthetic form of agriculture that has become predominant over the last century. There is much concern with the unintended consequences that may result from genetic engineering but what is actually more concerning is what is directly sprayed on the crops and soil because these end up in our food either directly from food we eat or through the animals that are fed these sprayed crops.

Glyphosate, commonly known as “Roundup”, is used on BOTH GMO and Non-GMO crops. Many GMO crops are engineered to be resistant to Roundup which kills everything else but the GM crop itself. Non-GMO crop fields are sprayed with roundup as well though, to kill weeds but also during desiccation which is an application shortly before harvest which is the worst time because it leaves a lot of residue on the crops. This is used on grain crops fed to us and animals but also on produce crops like spinach and many others. Roundup and Atrazine are just a couple of the many dozens of herbicides and pesticides used on today’s non-organic crops and this is one of the major reasons Non-GMO alone falls short. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FOOD EATS!

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